Career Day «PROFIT DAY»

is for people who are job searching and want to find out the opportunities for future employment in a highly promising IT area. Companies can find new employees. Еducational establishments are able to represent themself to future applicants. Young people have a chance to find a job or learn more about various professions and even try to apply for a job. During «PROFIТ DAY» the representatives of leading companies make presentations, conduct seminars, trainings, master classes and accept applicants` curriculum vitaes. Educational establishments introduce their admission requirements, perspectives of their specialities and promote themselves.

  •     If you are earning a small salary and wish to work for a prestigious company, improve and make more money.
  •     If you are a student or pupil who is looking for a job or inquiring about employment opportunities in modern professional areas, then «PROFIТ DAY» is exactly what you need!

Come and get a chance to know what knowledge and skills you should possess and the prospects for modern professions. Youth and participants will have an opportunity to apply for a job and speak to employers, take part in trainings and master-classes.